Top Best Face Wash for Men

Top Best Face Wash for Men

Getting your best skin starts with good cleansing. With the market for male grooming products growing to become a multi-billion-dollar sector, there are more choices out there than ever before. Knowing and understanding your skin type will help you to decide which kind of face wash will be best for you. Skin needs to be washed daily to remove dirt and grime that can leave it looking dull, lifeless and irritated. Here is our guide to the top face washes for men and what type of skin they work best on.

Charcoal face wash

Charcoal has become an increasingly popular ingredient in recent years, being used in face masks, toothpaste and facial cleansers. Charcoal is known for its ability to draw toxins from the body and is ideal for those whose skin is congested and clogged. A charcoal face wash can work to lift impurities from the skin, brighten your complexion and refresh skin. Look out for face washes containing charcoal if you struggle with skin issues such as blackheads on the nose, forehead and chin. Try Every Man Jack Face Scrub for a product that promises to deep clean the skin gently.

Every Man Jack Face Scrub

Bar cleansers

More and more people are turning to bar cleansers and face washes as a way of trying to live more sustainably and cost-effectively. Most bar soaps just have a simple paper wrapping that can easily be recycled, making them more environmentally friendly than products that come in plastic bottles. They also tend to use natural ingredients, which means fewer harsh chemicals. With the bar cleanser market growing, more kinds of bars are becoming available on the market and more skin types and issues are catered to. For example, The Forrester Men’s Handmade Soap - USDA Certified Organic is formulated with 20 percent shea butter, making it creamier and more hydrating than some soaps, and it also contains ground natural juniper berries to help exfoliate skin.

The Forrester Men’s Handmade Soap - USDA Certified Organic

Antioxidant face wash

Choose a face wash with added antioxidants to help remove free radicals from your skin. Free radicals are produced by the body as a reaction to conditions in the environment and can cause cell damage. Using products specially designed to tackle this can help to prevent such damage and tackle signs of aging on the face.

Facial wash for sensitive skin

If you suffer from inflammation or irritation on your face, look for products specially designed for sensitive skin. The skin on the face can be far more sensitive than elsewhere on the body, so targeted products that do not contain alcohol or parabens will help. Completely natural products tend to be better for sensitive skin because they do not contain any chemicals that could irritate it and cause redness. Chamomile, oatmeal, cucumber and aloe vera are all good ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin.

Hydrating face wash

Look for a natural face wash containing ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera, all of which are known for their hydrating and moisturizing properties. These ingredients can also benefit men who suffer from sensitive skin as they lock in moisture and prevent dry patches.

Face wash with tea tree oil

If you suffer from skin that is prone to breakouts, reach for a product containing a natural pimple-fighter such as tea tree oil. This essential oil is known as a mild antiseptic that can treat certain types of bacteria. Using it will give skin a deeper cleanse and tackle any nasty bacteria that could be lurking below the surface. Try Desert Essence - Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Eco Harvest Tea Tree Oil and Sea Kelp. Not only does it harness the power of tea tree oil, but it also contains sea kelp, which is great for hydrating skin, reducing redness and calming eczema.

Desert Essence - Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Eco Harvest Tea Tree Oil and Sea Kelp

Exfoliating face wash

Men need to exfoliate their skin regularly, regardless of their skin type. Experts recommend exfoliating at least twice a week to help unveil softer, smoother and fresher skin. Look for an exfoliating face wash to add to your skincare regimen. Exfoliating scrubs away dead skin cells, revealing the newer, fresher skin underneath. Exfoliating your face before you pick up your razor will also help you to achieve a better shave. However, it is important to look for an exfoliating face wash specifically designed for male skin. Male skin is 20 percent thicker than female skin, so men need to use products that are stronger in order to make a difference.

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