The 15 Best Vegan Beauty Products

The 15 Best Vegan Beauty Products

As time has gone by, more people have embraced the vegan lifestyle, and the number of available vegan beauty products has increased. Which are best to include in your beauty regimen?

1. High-quality vegan shampoo

This can be a tricky decision as we’ve gone from times when there was hardly any choice at all to being overwhelmed by it. Although lots of shampoos and conditioners claim to be vegan, the truth is that some just don’t live up to the claims. You could try this vegan Alaffia Coconut and Ginger Everyday Shampoo. It’s a sustainably produced product that is made with no animal testing.

Alaffia Coconut and Ginger Everyday Shampoo

2. Vegan-friendly conditioner

Keeping your hair supple and in good condition with vegan products is easy as there’s so much choice. The Alaffia Coconut and Ginger Everyday Conditioner is an ideal option for everyday haircare.

3. Hair spray that cares

When it comes to styling your hair, vegan products just don’t miss a beat, with plenty to choose from. Many conventional products are tested on animals, inflicting great suffering in the name of vanity. Why not try the Andalou Naturals Perfect Hold Hair Spray with Sunflower and Citrus to set your style?

4. Stay fresh with vegan deodorant

The market for vegan beauty products is thriving, and it extends to the deodorant people wear. Many deodorants are vegan-friendly, such as this gentle Herbal Health Roll-on Deodorant, which uses natural ingredients such as jasmine.

5. Liquid hand soap with delicious scents

Vegan hand soaps also tend to boast fragrant natural ingredients that are a pleasure to use. Try this Avalon Organics Glycerin Liquid Hand Soap made with a lovely lemon fragrance.

6. Traditional bar soap to delight

For those who prefer a bar of soap, there are many indulgent options available. Try this Nubian Heritage Bar Soap made with coconut and papaya with vanilla beans.

7. Lip balm to condition and care

Keeping your pout soft and supple the vegan way is easy, and there are lots of vegan-friendly lip balms available. A good example is the Soothing Touch Vanilla Chai Lip balm.

Soothing Touch Vanilla Chai Lip balm

8. Moisturizing day creams that are kind

When it comes to selecting the moisturizer that suits you, vegan moisturizers cover a wide range. For example, there are some great vegan moisturizers designed for oily skin, such as the Acure Oil Control Facial Moisturizer with Lilac Extract and Chlorella.

9. Be a sleeping beauty with a vegan night cream

Hydrating our skin at night is a great opportunity to assist with the repair work it does when we sleep. Try this Derma E Hyaluronic Acid Night Crème to rejuvenate while you dream.

10. Body lotion for all-over softness

It’s not just the skin on our faces that requires attention, and some of today’s vegan body lotions leave your skin luxuriously soft. Try this Nubian Heritage Lotion with Raw Shea and Myrrh for revitalized skin.

11. A face mask to brighten skin

We all need an added conditioning boost to our skin sometimes, aside from our everyday regimen. There are plenty of vegan face masks available, like the Andalou Naturals Brighten and Tighten Facial Mask.

12. Soak away the stress

Taking a long soak in a hot bath can be just as delightful with vegan products. Why not use some of these Love Spell Bath Salts to add to your bathing pleasure?

13. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation helps to slough away dead skin cells and leave your complexion with a more vibrant glow. An ideal option is this Earth Science Apricot Facial Scrub, which is gentle and non-drying.

14. Facial cleanser to suit your skin and sensibilities

As with most vegan cosmetics today, there are many great vegan cleansers available for you to choose from. Vegan cleansers tend to use organic ingredients and are better for the skin. There are many formulations available to choose from, but maybe you’d like the Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Peony Extract and Sunflower.

15. Top to toe with vegan body wash

There are a whole host of vegan-friendly body wash products available. There’s no need to limit the fragrance options you can choose from. A great example is the delicious Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Body Wash.

Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Body Wash

As you can see, there are so many vegan products available that you never need to compromise on your beauty products or your principles again. From everyday essentials like body wash and shampoo to advanced night creams, there are plenty of vegan-friendly products available.

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