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Preferences For Organic or Natural in Beauty and Personal Care

Preferences For Organic or Natural in Beauty and Personal Care

Preferences For Organic or Natural in Beauty and Personal Care

The organic and natural beauty industry has been around for many years, but it has often been seen as an alternative to mainstream products. Recently, however, this industry has really taken off, with many people now expressing their preference for organic and natural beauty. Here are some of the factors driving this trend.

It Causes Less Irritation

The ingredients that are used in beauty and personal care products are often packed with chemicals. This can cause skin irritations, especially if you have sensitive skin. Natural products don’t contain chemicals, and this means that there is nothing for your skin to react to. Many people who suffer from skin irritations or allergies after using beauty products find that this is eliminated when they start using natural or organic products instead, such as this Glycerine Bar Soap

Glycerine Bar Soap

It Isn’t Harmful to Your Health

The chemicals that are frequently put into beauty and skincare products can do more than just cause skin irritation. It is believed that as much as 20 percent of the chemicals used can be linked to cancer. However, this isn’t obvious to the consumer because personal care products aren’t regulated by the FDA, and not many of these products print safety data on their packaging. Therefore, you may not know exactly what you are buying if you use products that contain chemicals. This is a big reason behind the shift people have made toward natural and organic products.

The Environment

Since the 1960s, people have become a lot more aware of the effect their behavior is having on the environment. The COP 26 summits are held every year by governments looking to protect the environment and reverse climate change, and they are publicized worldwide. Each country has a target that affects environmental issues such as recycling, carbon emissions, and many other environmental factors. The damage humans are doing to the planet is on everyone’s mind.

This has had an enormous impact on the beauty industry and the products that are being sold in stores, and many people are turning to natural and organic products to protect the environment.

The Environment

There is a strong preference for beauty products that are packaged in an environmentally friendly way, such as those using cardboard rather than plastic packaging. Chemical compounds that are often found in beauty products don’t break down easily, which means that they can linger in the environment for decades. Natural and organic products are easily broken down and don’t linger.

Some of the farming methods used to create these chemicals are damaging to the environment themselves, such as cutting down the rainforests to produce palm oil.

Natural and organic products don’t do as much damage to the environment, whether it is because the packaging is biodegradable, they use only natural ingredients or they responsibly farm the land. From end to end, natural and organic products are kinder to the environment.


Local traditions exist in many areas that make use of the plants and trees that have grown naturally for centuries. For example, in Britain, it was traditional to chew tree bark to get rid of pain. This may sound odd, but recent research has found that tree bark contains a natural form of the ibuprofen that we all use for pain relief today.

Tradition had to start somewhere, and ineffective remedies quickly lost favor over the years.

The traditional ingredients that have lasted through the centuries are the ones that worked well. People are now realizing that they do not need to use a new chemically enhanced ingredient when the natural one has been used successfully for centuries. If the method isn’t broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed. This Jason Sea Kelp Natural Conditioner is a good example of a traditional ingredient being used in a modern product.

Jason Sea Kelp Natural Conditioner


A decade or so ago, people liked the idea of using natural and organic beauty products, but the cost was often prohibitive. Chemically made products were a lot cheaper, and many people make their buying choices based on price.

However, this has changed recently as designer brands have become more expensive, which has made natural and organic brands look cheaper in comparison. Now that people don’t have the cost argument anymore, their preference is for more natural products.

This has meant that organic and natural products have become more popular, which means that they can be made in bulk rather than smaller batches. This brings the prices down and makes them more affordable for the consumer.

The growing awareness of the benefits of using natural and organic products has meant that they have become the preferred choice of many consumers.