Organic Skin Care for Men & Women

Organic Skin Care for Men & Women

Organic skincare products have never been more popular for both men and women. This is largely due to a growing awareness about the possible adverse effects of ingredients contained in some formulations and the positive impact that organic farming methods can have on the wider world. If you are still considering whether you need - or want - to make a change to organic skincare products, let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Free from harmful ingredients

Honest Company Organic Body Oil

One of the main reasons both men and women choose to opt for organic products is due to an increasing awareness about the potential harm that could be caused by some ingredients and production methods. Many buyers are now searching for skincare products that are free of ingredients like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, propylene glycol, animal by-products, mineral oils, potentially harmful fragrances and colorants, harsh cosmetic chemicals, and petroleum. This leads them to choose products like the Honest Company Organic Body Oil and Aura Cacia Skin Care Oil rather than products containing synthetic ingredients.

Aura Cacia Skin Care Oil

Concerns about any potential harmful effects caused by the ingredients contained in skincare products should come as no surprise given the fact that these are smeared over what is essentially the body’s largest organ, the skin. In addition, as much as 60 percent of what you put on your skin is actually absorbed into the bloodstream. This is why more people than ever are searching for the options that are less likely to introduce toxins to the body. Studies have shown that these can have a serious effect, with issues ranging from skin irritations to cancers being associated with the long-term use of some of the ingredients commonly found in non-organic products.

Better for the environment

Some people choose organic skincare products because they believe that organic farming practices can be instrumental in reducing toxin exposure, which can affect workers across all industries and the planet as a whole. Organic farming can reduce the risk of pollutant contamination that could affect the sea, general water supplies, animals, and local communities. Organic farming can also help to improve soil health and support pollinators, which helps to maintain the planet’s biodiversity.

Many organic products and their ingredients are also sourced sustainably, helping to support communities and increase and protect the reach of organic farming and wild harvesting techniques and practices around the world.

Gentle on your skin

Organic ingredients are naturally kind to the skin, and those chosen are bursting with antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals. There is also a great choice on offer, from vitamin-rich moisturizers to cleansers that clean your skin without the need for harsh chemicals.

Gentle on your skin

Have been tested for many generations

There is no doubt that science and technological advancement has many benefits, but no synthetic beauty products are as well tested in practice as natural materials that have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. Many ancient ingredients, including everything from nourishing skin oils to herbal remedies, can be found in modern skincare products. Their natural benefits are often also boosted by superior knowledge gained over the years.

Look and feel great

One of the major draws for many organic products is the fact that they smell great and can make you feel fantastic. The ingredients and formulations used today ensure that there is no need to choose between health or environmental concerns and a desire to have the best skincare products available.

Catering for both sexes

Organic products are also perfectly placed to address the differences between male and female skin, and there are now more products than ever offering gender-specific skin care. This may not seem that important until you consider the fact that men and women have very different skin and therefore require different qualities in their skincare products. Men, for example, will typically have skin that is 25 percent thicker and 20 percent oilier than their female counterparts. Men also have more collagen density and are less likely to suffer from the effects of dehydrated skin. Men, however, can experience irritations caused by shaving and have skin that is not so absorbent due to the fact that it is thicker and has smaller oil glands. This means that it has become essential for organic skincare producers to spend time and effort on creating products that cater to the specific requirements of both sexes.

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