Adjusting Your Beauty Routine for a New Climate

Adjusting Your Beauty Routine for a New Climate

Whether you’re moving halfway across the country, enjoying a vacation or the seasons are changing, switching to a different climate can have an impact on your hair and skin. You may find that your beauty routine needs some tweaking depending on the weather conditions. What your skin and hair need in a hot, humid climate can be different from what they need in a cold, dry environment. Here are our top tips for adjusting your hair and skincare routines to your climate.


You stepped on the plane with soft, flowing waves… and stepped off the other side with a dry, frizzy mess. Hair is one part of the body that does react quickly to the climate. Although hair growth is not affected by climate, hair condition certainly is; just ask Monica from Friends!

Hot, humid climates

Warm, humid climates can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. Hair holds less moisture in the heat, while the UV rays from the sun can also affect its health. Combat this by using shampoos and conditioners that will encourage your hair to hold on to moisture, such as Andalou Naturals Moisture Rich Conditioner Argan and Sweet Orange, which is for curly hair, or Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner. Try to limit the amount of heat you use on your hair. Leave-in products, such as a deep conditioner or a mousse like Giovanni All-Natural Hair Styling Mousse Air Turbo Charged, will help counter the effects of the humid air. Hair experts also advise using natural products wherever possible to avoid harsh chemicals stripping your hair of much-needed moisture.

Giovanni All-Natural Hair Styling Mousse Air Turbo Charged

Cold, dry climates

Colder climates can wreak havoc on your hair and may cause the same problems as hot and humid climates, especially dryness. Cold fronts can make hair extremely dry. Again, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners can help. Try a deeply nourishing mask or leave-in conditioner to help hydrate hair and limit the amount of moisture-sapping heat you use. If you cannot quite give up your straightening iron, at least use a heat protectant spray on your locks beforehand. Your scalp can become dry in cooler climates, too, leading to dry and brittle hair. Show your scalp some love by using essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil on it. Try a conditioner such as Jason Normalizing Treatment Conditioner Tea Tree and massage it into the scalp as well as the lengths of your hair.

Jason Normalizing Treatment Conditioner Tea Tree


As our biggest organ, skin can be affected by the weather conditions we find ourselves in. Both hot and cold climates can cause big problems for our skin.

Hot, humid climates

When you are in a hot and humid climate, you sweat more. Sweating can cause breakouts, especially if you already have oily skin. Regular washing is even more important, as is using a cleanser that is suitable for acne-prone or oily skin. Of course, while wearing sunscreen is important every day of the year whatever climate you are in, it is even more important to apply it regularly in a hot and humid climate. Experts recommend always using a sunscreen of at least SPF 30, such as Alba Botanica Sunscreen Hawaiian SPF 30. Skin that has been exposed to sun and heat may become dry and red. Using a face and body moisturizer that contains soothing aloe vera, such as Jason Ultra Comforting Aloe Vera Moisturizing Crème, can help.

Dry, cold climates

Cold and dry weather can be particularly harsh on your skin. Wind and plummeting temperatures can leave skin dry and flaky. Skin needs extra moisture in winter weather to keep it soft and supple. Look for products containing well-known skin softeners such as coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter or cocoa butter, and make sure you apply them daily. Don’t forget your hands, which can become red and sore during extreme cold snaps. Try an ultra-moisturizing lotion for hands and body such as Ceramedx Restoring Body Lotion, which aims to restore very dry, sensitive skin. Lips can become dry and chapped in colder climates, so be sure to apply a nourishing balm.

Ceramedx Restoring Body Lotion

If you are travelling from one climate to another, try to prepare your skin and hair in advance. If you’re hitting the slopes and are expecting dry, tight skin, begin intense moisturizing a few days before you go to build up hydration. Get to know how your skin and hair reacts in different conditions so you can be prepared for it.

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