10 Best Night Creams For Dark Spots, Pimples and Uneven Skin

10 Best Night Creams For Dark Spots, Pimples and Uneven Skin Tone

Dark spots, pimples and uneven skin tone are super common complaints, with most men and women encountering at least one of these issues in their lifetime. Exposure to the sun and the air pollution found in our big cities can really make these problems worse. One of the best ways to combat problematic skin is with a good, consistent skincare routine that features a reliable night cream. However, with so many night creams available, it can be a real challenge choosing the right one for you and your skin type. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you! Let us guide you through our 10 best night creams.

10. Acure Night Cream

Acure Night Cream

We sourced this innovative night cream containing argan extract and chlorella from Acure to help you combat dull skin and dark spots. This night cream’s plant stem cell technology is the key to brightening your skin and creating a healthy, youthful glow. It is also ideal for those suffering from inflamed and pimply skin as it has soothing properties that are sure to reduce both redness and puffiness.

9. Derma E Hyaluronic Acid Night Creme

Let us share this eco-ethical beauty secret with you, the Hyaluronic acid night crème by Derma E. It truly is a powerhouse of hydrating power that will deeply nourish your skin while you sleep. Full to the brim with vitamins, hyaluronic acid and green tea extracts, it should be no surprise that this hydrating formula will enrich and brighten your skin.

8. Andalou Naturals Heavenly

We could easily believe that the sweet-smelling Heavenly night cream by Andalou Naturals was made by angels. This powerful night cream contains an impressive 1,000 roses and packs a powerful punch! The Heavenly night cream was designed to deliver deep hydration, which is a great way to combat dark spots.

7. Derma E Pycnogenol Moisturizing Creme

Pycnogenol moisturizing crème from Derma E will soothe pimples and brighten dark spots with its vitamin E-enriched formula. It has been specially designed for those with sensitive skin. It is also 100% vegan and cruelty free, so you can enjoy clear, bright skin secure in the knowledge that this is a truly ethical beauty product.

6. Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food

Made by Weleda, Skin Food cream can be applied at night to soak deeply into your skin as you snooze. This cream was formulated especially for dry and rough skin. It works particularly well for those with dark spots and an uneven skin tone that has resulted from prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sunshine.

5. Derma E Vitamin E Creme

Keep your skin healthy with Vitamin E crème from Derma E. Vitamin E has been scientifically proven to reduce damage to skin by the sun’s powerful UV rays, which can cause dark spots and exacerbate uneven skin tone. With frequent overnight use, this cream can help dark spots fade away. As an added bonus, this powerful ingredient can reduce puffiness and help repair collagen, turning back the sands of time.

4. Derma E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer

Brought to you by Derma E, this vitamin C renewing moisturizer will gradually lighten the hyperpigmentation that can cause uneven skin tone and dark spots from UV damage. It works by using its key ingredient, vitamin C, to cleverly prevent excess melanin from building up in your skin.

3. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream

The Hawaiian Moisture cream created by Alba Botanica contains natural ingredients such as jasmine and is enhanced with vitamin E. Jasmine is known to boast a high concentration of natural antioxidants that can fight off UV rays and pollution responsible for dark spots. It can also improve your skin's elasticity, giving you a more youthful look.

2. Jason Moisturizing Creme

Ideal for sensitive skin, Jason Moisturizing Crème contains the power ingredient vitamin E. The anti-inflammatory properties of its core ingredient can clear up your pimples by boosting your natural immune system and prompting cell regeneration. For maximum benefits, ensure you’ve thoroughly cleansed your face before applying this cream to allow it to soak through your epidermis.

1. Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Sea Plus

Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Sea Plus

For bright, glowing skin and even skin tone, the Natural Even Advanced Sea Plus Renewal Night Cream by Alba Botanica is a clear winner. Infused with powerful antioxidants, this decadently rich cream has been formulated to break up pigmentation and dull, dark spots. Used consistently as part of your evening routine, this will help give you healthy, youthful-looking skin.

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